Modern Business Management Course

There are many ways to increase your service company’s profit beyond getting more service calls. Drawing on our decades of experience running a profitable appliance repair business, we’re ready to share every trick we know for starting a successful business, winning customers, and increasing your profitability. This content is only available through our Complete Business Bundle.

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Course Syllabus

5 modules and 13 units Est. time to complete: 4-6 hours

Module 1: Business Course Orientation 1 Unit

Learn how to get the most benefit out of this business management course for appliance repair operators.

Module 2: Customer Relations 3 Units

Train up your customer service skills to win customers from your competitors and keep your own loyal.

Module 3: Profitability 4 Units

Learn to make your business financially healthy, from better first-call complete rates to pricing your services.

Module 4: Your Appliance Repair Business 4 Units

Learn parts management, marketing, and everything else you need to know for a well-run business.

Module 5: Final Exam 1 Unit

Test your modern business management knowledge and skills with our final exam.

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How to Operate a More Profitable Business

If you’re hoping to start your own appliance repair business, look no further than this course. Even if you already run your own shop, this course is so densely packed with insights from our decades of running an appliance repair service, you’re bound to come away with new ways to maximize your success.

We cover everything from service call structures to taxes and finances, helping you build a better operational foundation for your business. There are many ways to increase your profit beyond getting more service calls, and we’re here to share as many of them as we can.

Note: This course is only available (at half-price!) through our Complete Business Bundle, and it includes all material from our Delivering Professional Service course.