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If you are a current student with a question about what you’re studying, please post your question on the Ask the Teacher Forum.

A few of the questions we answer in our FAQ:

For other questions, requests or issues (such as logging in), please fill out the form below for the fastest reply. Team Samurai will be notified immediately and will reply ASAP.

Confused about an upcoming payment notification you received? Does it look like you will be charged the full price again for your course or bundle? That is *not* the case. Click here for an explanation.

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If for any reason the form isn’t working, you can send an email to “susan at MasterSamuraiTech.com” (we’ve written it out so bots can’t spam us, just replace the “ at “ with the normal @).

Please note, helping students with lessons cannot be done over the phone. Post your questions to the Ask the Teacher Forum.

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